Have you ever smelled a candle at the store and loved it, but disappointed when you light it? VelaRosa boosts the fragrance of any scented tea light candle. Have you ever smelled a candle at the store and couldn’t wait to fill your home with the same fragrance? But after an hour of burning, you still don’t smell it. Use the VelaRosa diffuser to boost the fragrance of any scented tea light candle.
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Where can I get tea light candles?

Yankee Candle sells a wide variety of tea light candles but you’ve probably read some reviews that say their candles don’t have the fragrance they once had. And what if our customers didn’t want to burn Yankee Candle tea lights made from paraffin wax? This prompted me to search for other tea light suppliers and order some appealing fragrances.

I ordered tea lights from over 24 suppliers and after burning them in the diffuser, I narrowed down the list of suppliers to 9 with a total of 19 candle fragrances. We picked these based on the how good they smelled and their fragrance strength ranging from good to excellent.

We list the fragrances below, mostly from smaller businesses who we love to support!

Business name

Tea light fragrance


Bear Natural Organics



Candeo Candle

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Very Vanilla


Jojo’s Candle Company

Eucalyptus Spearmint


Lindsay Lucas Candles

Lavender and Vanilla

Meditation Scented


Pure Integrity Soy Candles





Sweet Dreams (Lavender & Vanilla)


Sleep (Lavender)

Headache Relief

Stress Relief

Green tea & lemongrass


The Dancing Wick



Wandering Candle

Soy white sage & lavender


Wicks & Wood

Sandalwood suede (soy)

Roasted pine cones (soy)


Out of the ordinary tea lights

Lindsay Lucas Candles

Lemon Eucalyptus – Good bug repellant


Allie Bee Candle Co.

Natural Beeswax – No fragrance but are natural air cleaners


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Christine Avelar

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