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What is a candle diffuser and what’s it for?

For those who burn scented candles, it takes a long time to fill the room with the candle fragrance.
VelaRosa is a candle fragrance diffuser that quickly fills any room with your candle fragrance using a fan.  Sensory booth testing from a major direct selling company shows that this product can fill the room with fragrance in 10 minutes.  We tested this ourselves in two similar-size bedrooms (10 ft x 11 ft x 8.75 ft high).  Note that rooms much larger than this require more time for fragrance diffusion.
When the time expires, the fan stops, and extinguishes the candle flame.
The main intent of this product is to improve hot fragrance throw, as well as to improve candle safety.

Where can I buy the VelaRosa candle diffuser?

We've been hard at work and we expect to have products for sale on our website by December 2021. We expect the diffuser price will be $59.99, which includes shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. This may change depending on supply chain costs. Also, we're offering the diffuser for $40 (including shipping in continental USA) to the first 100 customers.
If you sign up to our email list, you’ll be the first to know when the diffuser is available to buy on our website. You can sign up at

Can you use a bigger candle?  Is it only for tea lights?

For now, only tea lights. It's possible that you could use a small votive (2" diameter) in a glass but we're still testing if this impacts the fragrance throw. I’m using Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla tea lights and they smell great. One of the tests we want to run is to compare the strength of a three-wick jar candle, to a single tea light with the diffuser.

How does it work?

Naturally, if you place a glass dome over a candle it will go out in a few seconds. However, if you place a fan under the candle and blow fresh air into the dome, it keeps the candle lit.
This diffuser has a battery-powered fan inside the base that provides a constant flow of fresh air to the candle flame.  The exhaust air picks up the candle’s fragrance and disperses it out into the room.  A protective outer cover prevents you from touching the hot inner glass dome.  The fan is on a timer and when the fan stops, the flame goes out.

How does the glass not get covered in soot?

No.  Two reasons why there's no soot...
1. The glass dome is high enough that the flame doesn't contact the dome.
2. The fan is circulating enough air that there's no time for the soot to build up on the top of the dome. If we were to slow the fan down just enough to sustain the flame, you would begin to see some soot on the top of the dome. 

However, if the wick is not trimmed, it's possible that the fan will not be able to exhaust the soot fast enough and soot will form at the top of the dome.  The dome will then need to be cleaned.

How long does the candle burn for?

The switch on the side sets the amount of time (1/2 hr, 1 hr, or 2 hrs) and when the dome is twisted, the fan turns on.  After the timer expires, the fan stops and the candle extinguishes. 

Does the candle burn out faster than normal due to the fan?

Actually, it's the opposite.  When you place the tea light in the bell jar, the heat melts all the wax after 20-25 minutes.  This causes the wax to rise slightly with only a tiny flame for about the first 2 hours.  As the wax level decreases, the flame gets larger, which increases how fast the wax is used up.
Regardless of how big the flame is, the diffuser continues to throw the fragrance into the room (hot throw) because the airflow carries the fragrance from the melted pool of wax. 

In a timed test, using the same tea light candles, the candle in the VelaRosa® diffuser burned for 1 hour 17 minutes longer than the stand-alone candle.