The first candle diffuser that uses a fan to boost the fragrance.
Includes base, glass candle holder, and cover.
Base, Cover, and Glass tea light holder
Casts decorative shadows in dark room. Decorates with fragrance.

Magnify your candle fragrance with VelaRosa

VelaRosa® is a patented room fragrance diffuser that quickly fills a room with your favorite candle fragrance, using a quiet fan. When the fan stops, the candle flame is automatically extinguished.

VelaRosa candle fragrance diffuser
  • Fragrance diffusion

    A quiet fan provides fresh air to the candle, enclosed by a dome-shaped glass.  The exhaust air diffuses fragrance into your room in 10 minutes (candle not included).

  • Increase burn time

    Because the fan regulates the flow of air, the burn time increases by about 20%. See burn time test video.

  • Timer

    Set your timer to 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours. When the timer expires, the fan stops and extinguishes the candle.

  • Cordless

    Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
    (Micro B USB charging cable included)

See our candle diffuser in action

Candle diffuser with burning candle
  • The base

    The base is the scent diffuser.  The fan inside brings fresh air into the glass dome.  The fragrance from the burning candle is then diffused into the room.  Half of the holes supply fresh air, the other half exhaust the fragranced air. Micro B USB port for battery charging.

    Candle diffuser with USB Micro B charging port
  • The glass dome

    The glass dome, inside the protective handmade stainless steel cover, uses the heat from the flame to melt the wax.  The fan diffuses the fragrance into the room until the time expires.  When the time expires, the fan stops and the flame is extinguished in seconds.

    Stainless steel cover with glass dome inside


In an independent fragrance study, 22 professional examiners tested the VelaRosa diffuser. They used sensory booths to compare the same candle with and without the diffuser. They concluded that the VelaRosa diffuser provided significant fragrance strength and could fill the room with fragrance in 10 minutes.  

Scented Tea Light Candles

Fill your home with fragrance with these scented candles we've picked out. We don't sell any tea lights that we haven't burned in our diffuser.

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